Silicone Roof Coatings


About Silicone Roof Coatings.


Silicone Roof Coatings from Nutech Paints are the latest development from Nutech Paints and combine our up to the minute technology with a long established roof coating system. Nutech Paints have spent many years developing specific coating  and roof waterproofing systems for individual roofing surfaces to ensure products are not simply re-branded and put into the market place. Nutech NXT Silicone Roof Coatings contains the latest Hybrid Polymer technology for ultimate roof waterproofing performance on troublesome flat roofs that must withstand ponding water. Tested to CRRC, NXT silicone roof coatings will reflect over 87% of the suns heat way from your roofs surface resulting in a more comfortable living and working environment within the building whilst also providing a thermally insulating roof coating in colder climates.

Nutech NXT Silicone is a ready-to use, high solids,single component, moisture curing, field applied Silicone Roof Coating. NXT Silicone  is a breathable membrane possessing superior thermal reflectivity, waterproofing, insulation, weathering and water resistance characteristics.

Application is simple, all surfaces must be clean, dry, and paintable. It may be necessary to power wash and prime to enhance adhesion on some surfaces. If it is to be  applied to bitumen or felt flat roofs Nutech Paint recommends one coat of Nutech Asphalt primer or similar be applied to prevent possible Asphalt bleed. All roof joints, penetrations and surface overlaps should be reinforced with Poly Fabric  as part of a priming system if needed or in the first coat of NXT Silicone. No Thinning or Reducing is necessary, just apply by brush, roller or spray.

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